Dealer Addendums
Dealer Addendums by ADD A TAG
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Take full advantage of our Customizing Program

Our advanced computer graphics and time-saving digital-imprinting program enables us to fill in (imprint) or modify the design of your ADD-A-TAGs® to YOUR exact specifications. (See the examples below). The result enhances credibility and acceptability to your dealer-added information, and gives you greater control of your sales process.

Here are just some of the items we can custom imprint. The possibilities are unlimited...

  • your dealership name and address
  • protection and appearance packages (with or without prices)
  • profitable options and accessories (with or without prices and/or check-off boxes)
  • information needed for local regulatory compliance
  • available service agreements
  • dealer-added premiums
  • promotional information such as “no added markup” or “no-hassle pricing”
  • special benefits and privileges that you offer your customers

It’s Your Choice:
Manage the Sales Process, or Leave it to Chance.

When it comes to the sales process, we believe that maximum influence and control are essential. ADD-A-TAGs® are powerful, profit-building tools that maximize credibility and acceptability of your dealer-added information…

  • For dealers that add options, services, markup, or accessories to their vehicles
  • For dealers that emphasize they do NOT add any dealer markup or accessories to their vehicles.
  • For dealers that use their ADD-A-TAGs® as "No Hassle" price stickers
  • For dealers that use their ADD-A-TAGs® to highlight special sales incentives and promotional information.

Here's an inside look at some of the ways dealers throughout the nation effectively use their ADD-A-TAGs®...