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ADD-A-TAG® Design Center utilizes some of the most advanced computerized graphics, digital imaging, and production equipment in the world, offers national 800 toll-free customer service, and ships via most major national carriers. All orders are computer-processed and shipped directly from our high-tech state-of-the-art production facility, usually within 24 hours. Please allow for proper transit time. (Customized orders may take longer.)

ADD-A-TAG® incorporates advanced, powerful, and effective advertising technology into its state-of-the-art products. We must therefore discourage any misuse.

ADD-A-TAG® supplemental window stickers are supplemental by design and intent, and are to be used in conjunction with the official factory label, thereby providing a logical, consistent, clear and complete information system. A supplemental label is not a part of, nor should it touch or attach to the official factory label. No misrepresentations should ever be placed within a supplemental label. ADD-A-TAG® goes to great lengths to design and integrate clear disclaimer language into its supplemental window stickers. However, as regulations (and their interpretations) governing the use of supplemental window stickers can vary throughout the country, ADD-A-TAG® makes no representations whatsoever that the products offered to and/or requested by its customers are compatible with any federal, state, and local regulations. All responsibility, risk, and liability associated with and/or resulting from the use and/or misuse of these products rests with the dealer using the products. Any and all information, language, text and terminology that is necessary and/or required to be added and/or deleted within the supplemental window sticker should be added and/or deleted by the dealer to meet such requirements, if any. In addition, dealers may take advantage of ADD-A-TAG®ís available customization program to specify modifications that they determine best meets their requirements for regulatory compliance. ADD-A-TAG® encourages all dealers to consult with their attorneys to clarify their responsibility for the proper use of supplemental window stickers. It is our corporate policy to encourage appropriate and professional product use.

California and Texas products and services differ from national products and services.

ADD-A-TAG®, in exercising sound judgement and ethical business policy, does not incorporate any manufacturer's name, trademark, and/or logo into any supplemental window stickers (except for dealer-instructed customizing of dealer's actual name, options, and/or other dealer-instructed information), and further utilizes enhanced disclaimer terminology consistent with our policy of clear and proper representation.

ADD-A-TAG®, INFORM-A-TAG®, PROTECTING-THE-CONSUMER®, TEXAS-TAG®, CALIFORNIA-TAG®, and SUPER-TIGHT-SEALED-EDGE® are classified as REGISTERED TRADEMARKS, registered with the appropriate Patent and Trademark offices of the UNITED STATES GOVERMENT in WASHINGTON, D.C. These trademarked products indicate appropriate REGISTERED TRADEMARK symbols, ®, TM TRADEMARK, and © COPYRIGHT indications as required under Federal Law. Any unauthorized use of ADD-A-TAG® trademarked and copyrighted products is a violation of Federal Law. Unless permission is granted, no marketing firms, advertising companies, printing companies, business forms companies, dealer-supply companies, or any other businesses or individuals are authorized to design, re-design, manufacture, copy in part or whole, physically or digitally distribute or reproduce these products, except ADD-A-TAG® and Thoro Design, Inc. Any promotion, purchase, or use of copycat or counterfeit products or digital files is a FEDERAL offense, punishable by severe penalties, on a per tag basis. ADD-A-TAG® retains exclusive Federal rights to its trademarked and copyrighted products and designs, and will protect and preserve its legal rights against any infringement, and prosecute violators to the fullest extent of Federal Law.


ADD-A-TAG® reserves the right to make changes in price and design without notice. © copyright 1982, 2017 ADD-A-TAG® Design Center. All rights reserved. 1-800-ADD-A-TAG ADD-A-TAG®, a division of Thoro Design, Inc.